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These hours will be in effect during the months of June and July.  Please feel free to contact a librarian during these hours for research assistance. 

Guide Overview

Autobiographies may provide unique psychological, sociological, and historical insights.  At the same time, however, they can also present a bias or skewed interpretations of events.  This guide is designed to help you:

In addition, this guide provides guidance on how to find historical or sociological information that will help add context to an autobiography.


Potential Topics to Explore

  • Contrast autobiographies by the same author that are written for different audiences.
  • Explore the concept of self in autobiography.  Is there such a thing as authentic self?  Is there such thing as core self?
  • Define the role of truth in autobiography.  What does it mean to be truthful in this contect?
  • Describe theories of memory that are relevant to autobiography. 
  • Is it possible for someone other than the author to critique an autobiography?

Subject Guide

Casey Long