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POL 320 - Latin American Politics: Home

This guide highlights the best resources for each of the three papers assigned for this class.

Latin American Politics

Photo of Manuel Esnoz's painting 1010010100 photographed by Larry Qualls.  Image provided by ArtStor for education use only.

Find News Articles

The databases below will help you find newspaper articles covering events in your country.

Learn About Your Country

For the first paper you must be able to identify, describe, and explain major regime changes in your country since the 1960s.  Start with a profile of your country that provides a solid history of the country.  This will provide an outline of the regime changes and major players. The resources below provide a good overview:

Find Books

Next consider looking for books available at Agnes Scott by using SOPHIA, the library catalog.  The best way to search for books on a country is to change the pull-down menu to subject and enter the country name.

Then choose from the country-specific subject headings that appear.

Find Scholarly Historical Articles

Now that you know the major regime changes and the key political players, use the databases listed below to search for scholarly articles.  Usually the best way to search for articles in these databases is to start with the Advanced Search screen.

Find Scholarly Articles on Policy Issues

To address the social issues your country faced under different regimes, you can use the historical databases recommended above, but you may also want to look at databases that specifically address economic and social issues.

Try the databases listed below:

Subject Guide

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